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3D Book-Cover Mock-Ups

I posted this on my author blog to share with all my author friends, but wanted to post it here too (since it only makes sense)!

I just started doing 3D book-cover mock-ups! I started playing around with it the other day, and loved the effect, so I’ve added it to my design repertoire as a cheap $5 service. Details below!

Example images:

3d book mock up fiverr 2 3d book mock up fiverr 1

Want to bring your e-book and its promotional material to life? Send me the image (or add this to your book cover order, if commissioning me for the whole project) and I’ll render it into a 3D mock-up for you! I will send you both the 3D rendering by itself, as well as a collage that displays the 3D version with the original (as shown in examples above). I will deliver both files in .JPEG format, along with a .PNG of the mock-up with a transparent background for you to paste wherever you like. (For the spine, unless you specify a desired color, I will use either black, white or gray, depending on which works best with your cover, or colors/imagery from the cover itself if that works better for blending. Your title and author name will also appear on the spine, though I can’t promise to always match fonts. If I can’t match your font(s), I will use something that goes well with them.) Simply send $5 via Paypal and your cover image to: LauraGordonDesign@yahoo.com, and I’ll deliver your order shortly! (If you like, feel free to include the names of the font(s) used on your cover, if you know them, and that will make it easier for me to try to match them.) (Naturally, if I’m making your cover for you as well, I’ll know the fonts myself.)

(The cover image I used for the examples is one from my custom gallery, made for author J Weaving; check her out here: pageweaving.wordpress.com.)

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