New Business Email

For all of you who make use of my email address, it’s going to be changing. I will try to send this out as an email announcement as well, to those that I am currently working with via email, but I’m just trying to make sure I cover all my bases.

Basically, Yahoo decided some of my clients weren’t important, and that they should either be sent to the spam folder or shouldn’t even make it that far. A few of you are getting emails saying my email account is suspended, and that’s why you can’t get through. This isn’t true, because I can get in and email you, and emails from some others still come through. But, alas, I’ve had enough.

So the new email is

It will probably take awhile before I can remember everywhere that the old email is written, but I’ll try to hunt it down and change it everywhere it’s displayed. Obviously I’ll keep checking that email until I’m certain everything and everyone has switched over, but if you’re reading this, please use if you need to contact me now or in the future.