Painting a Book Cover – Step by Step Progress Images

As a designer, I do a lot of photo-manipulation (combining images and using that as the base, and adding effects on top of that), but I decided to also start painting some covers from scratch. (That’s ‘digital’ painting, mind you, done in photoshop with a tablet). I thought it would be neat to share some step-by-step progress images, for anyone interested in seeing what goes into painting a piece. Enjoy!

Girl 1 progress 0 Girl 1 progress 1 Girl 1 progress 2 Girl 1 progress 3 Girl 1 progress 4 Girl 1 progress 5 Girl 1 progress 6 Girl 1 progress 7 Girl 1 progress 8 Premade Exclusive Unique Cover 1

New – 100% Original Premades

Premade Exclusive Unique Cover 1

Like most designers, I make use of stock imagery to create a lot of my covers. Unlike many designers, I combine images and ‘paint’ effects on top of them to create an end product that is unique. However, some authors prefer to have a 100% original option. For this reason, I’m now offering some covers made from 100% original artwork. Painting these from scratch takes longer, and so they will be on the more expensive end of the spectrum, but hopefully this will help cater to a wider range of happy customers!

I only have one cover up so far, but more on the way! You can view this new gallery now or in the future by clicking on the ‘100% Original Premades’ tab at the top of this blog!

Merry Christmas

Christmas Card

Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! It only made sense to use some of my wintry and Christmas imagery to put together a card, and spread a little extra cheer.

There are still a lot of discounted covers to take advantage of, if anyone feels the need to use some of their Christmas money on fun book-ish stuff! Check out my $25-and-under album for all the cheap deals going on until the new year:

Stay safe and be merry!