NaNoWriMo Cover Requests

Need a cover for that NaNoWriMo project you’re stomping away on the keyboard at? Commission us! We have a sale going on this month on premade covers (all premade covers found on are 20% off with coupon code NaNoWriMo), but in the instance that none of the premade covers are quite right for your story, we’re  back in the swing of doing custom work as well. I myself have had to take on far fewer projects lately, which has resulted in the unfortunate tragedy of turning down clients, but I’m happy to announce I’m working with some new associates who are helping me fulfill custom jobs! So go ahead, throw your requests at us again. We’re ready for more!

Here is a custom job just fulfilled for one of our NaNoWriMo clients:

 Custom Book Cover Yasumi 2 Ebook

20% Off Sale in Honor of NaNoWriMo

It’s that month, all you crazy writers!!! (National Novel Writing Month, for anyone who isn’t certain what all the fuss is about). And in honor of NaNoWriMo, all book covers found on are 20% off with coupon code NaNoWriMo. Take advantage while you can, and spread the word! Here are some of the latest covers…

Premade Exclusive Book Cover 898 Premade Exclusive Book Cover 897 Premade Exclusive Book Cover 896 Web Premade Exclusive Book Cover 895

Image Uploading Errors

I haven’t shared any covers lately, because I seem to be having issues uploading new images to WordPress. I haven’t looked into the issue to any extent yet, because I figured I’d just ‘try again later’, but I’m having no luck simply trying again, so we’ll see if I get the chance to check into that sometime soon. But I thought it might be a good idea to drop a note and let everyone know I’m still cranking out covers as usual – I haven’t died or anything 🙂

Red Forest Fairytale – Featured Premade Cover

Premade Exclusive Book Cover 751

Another premade cover that I thought deserved its own special feature. I’d love to have the time to make more like this one, really spending time on matching complimentary images and adding all the atmospheric details. This type of fantastical, detailed scene is my passion for sure.

Premade Exclusive Book Cover 751

Here it is in blue and purple as well:

Premade Exclusive Book Cover 751 purple  Premade Exclusive Book Cover 751 blue