Past Year’s Custom Cover Feature

Custom Book Cover Danny Official Ebook Custom Book Cover Shay draft 5 Custom Book Cover Crystal Official Ebook Custom Book Cover Jennifer Official Ebook Chasing Me Softly Cover ebook Custom Book Cover Sherri 3 Paperback Custom Book Cover Steph Official Ebook Custom Book Cover Denise official ebook Custom Book Cover Sabena ebook Custom Book Cover Luke ebook Custom Book Cover Tessa ebook Custom Book Cover Tom Deady official ebook Custom Book Cover Mark official ebook custom book cover Carrigan Fox official ebook specs Custom Book Cover Calvin ebook Custom Book Cover Martina 4 ebook Custom Book Cover Cassie 1 paperback Ace of Hearts cover new ebook Custom Book Cover Taylor official ebook Custom Book Cover Carrigan Triple Threat official ebook Custom Book Cover Erik font 4 ebook Ace cover newer new ebook Custom Book Cover Diana Petkovic book 2 ebook Custom Book Cover Allyson book 3 official ebook Lifebreath Custom Book Cover Brittany official ebook Custom Book Cover Carrigan Fox Second Sight ebook Custom Book Cover David Buchanan official ebook breathtaker new Custom Book Cover Desiree Shadow of Fear official ebook Custom Book Cover Martina Livewire ebook custom book cover Craig ebook custom book cover Connie book 2 official ebook Custom book cover Connie ebook custom book cover William Laws ebook custom book cover Desiree official custom book cover Lisa draft 3 Custom book cover Carrigan Fox Firstborn ebook Custom Book Cover Kyle official ebook Custom Book Cover Brette official Custom Book Cover Allyson Book 2 official ebook custom book cover Allyson official ebook custom book cover Lillian Nader official ebook custom book cover Lisa Grim official ebook treachery's game new cover facebook spychild new cover facebook custom book cover John Ford official ebook custom book cover Heather Rivera official ebook custom book cover Harriet Oreilly white text Custom Book Cover JT Shepherd draft 2 custom book cover Diana Graves 2nd draft alternate

While not a complete list of the custom covers I created for authors over the past year, this showcases a pretty nice variety! A big thank you to everyone who has commissioned be for custom work. It’s been a pleasure!

New Website

For awhile now my premade book cover selection has been hosted and sold by storefronts and sites that are not ‘my own’. I’ve been toying with developing (rather than just using my blog and third party storefronts) for awhile now, but just haven’t been quite sure what route I wanted to go.

Well, moving from blog to website is now in motion. What I wanted to do was simply transfer my blog over to my new site, and then build off of what I already have using all the new features that would allow me to run my own store and such. But unfortunately I can’t do that without losing my wordpress followers.

So I will continue to blog here, but I will indeed be managing my own storefront over at! I will link to my shop here under my ‘premade book covers’ tab, so really the only difference is going to be that you’ll have to follow a link to my store instead of me posting every single cover image here and linking it to its appropriate sales page.

Everything is still in the early development stage, but I just wanted to give the heads up that there are going to be some changes going on, and that tabs and links and such might be a little chaotic for awhile as I’m getting everything organized.

But is technically up and running now, so feel free to take a gander even though I’m still developing it!