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New Website

For awhile now my premade book cover selection has been hosted and sold by storefronts and sites that are not ‘my own’. I’ve been toying with developing Thebookcovermachine.com (rather than just using my blog and third party storefronts) for awhile now, but just haven’t been quite sure what route I wanted to go.

Well, moving from blog to website is now in motion. What I wanted to do was simply transfer my wordpress.com blog over to my new site, and then build off of what I already have using all the new features that would allow me to run my own store and such. But unfortunately I can’t do that without losing my wordpress followers.

So I will continue to blog here, but I will indeed be managing my own storefront over at thebookcovermachine.com! I will link to my shop here under my ‘premade book covers’ tab, so really the only difference is going to be that you’ll have to follow a link to my store instead of me posting every single cover image here and linking it to its appropriate sales page.

Everything is still in the early development stage, but I just wanted to give the heads up that there are going to be some changes going on, and that tabs and links and such might be a little chaotic for awhile as I’m getting everything organized.

But thebookcovermachine.com is technically up and running now, so feel free to take a gander even though I’m still developing it!

5 thoughts on “New Website

  1. Did you know you can make a static website (and have a blog on it, too), out of your wordpress blog?

    I’ll send you the instructions how to do it if you’re interested. i think I got them from someone else’s blog (I certainly wouldn’t have been able to figure it out!).

    • From what I read, I could transfer everything from my blog over just fine, except that I would lose my wordpress.com followers, since I would no longer be on wordpress.com.

      I would have just continued to run everything out of my blog, except that I wanted to manage my own storefront, and for that I needed an actual site that was hosted elsewhere.

      In any case, I’ve already got the new site up and running, and I’m pretty happy with it 🙂 But thank you for the tip!

  2. Hi Laura,

    I currently have a link to this site, but I have taken note of your new site and bookmarked it. I can change my link to your new site whenever you are ready. Now, if you like. Let me know.


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