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Romance? Adventure? Dystopian?

premade exclusive book cover 619

I’m not really sure what genre this cover would be strictly categorized as, but any one of those categories seems to fit – or maybe you’re writing a romantic dystopian adventure! Either way, it’s a sure stunner for your book!

premade exclusive book cover 619

Hop on over to the shop to purchase this or other designs!


7 thoughts on “Romance? Adventure? Dystopian?

  1. I was thinking of this today. I had noticed you put a lot of females on your covers and was going to suggest throwing the yummy shirtless male variety out there too. And viola, with out muttering a word…here one is 🙂

    • Ha 😀 It’s something I realize quite often too. Unfortunately there seem to be far less male models than female models, so I inevitably end up with a huge imbalance. It takes some scouring to find the guys! But scour I will… There will be more, I promise!

  2. I recently found a lot of resources and support for writers there. There may be other groups. I have not invested a lot of time going through them. It’s a goal this month. It also leads me to believe there would be similar forums and groups at sites like shelfari or library thing maybe? Just a thought. It’s free which is always nice.

    Now, if I can find a way to get your name dropped during Nanowrimo, THAT would be some awesome advertisement with a very laser focused audience.

      • Maybe offer a contest to design a free cover for nano participants? When the time comes, let me know I can post something in the forums. I’m hoping to do Camp Nano this April and or July. I always try to do Nov Nano which is the BIG one.

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