Ancient Tome Notebooks and Binders!

Binder 16

Announcement! In the vein of book cover design, The Book Cover Machine now features a line of trendy notebooks and binders. We figure this still pretty much counts as book cover design, and might be of interest to all of you writers as you’re writing up a storm! Our favorite theme that we’re developing is the ‘ancient tome’ theme, which you can oogle in all its bedazzled medieval glory in the examples included in this post, or over at the page we have designated as the official catalog for these items, with purchase links and the like. Happy shopping (and writing)!

Binder 16 Binder 15

Binder 3D Gold 1 Binder 2

Binder 14 Binder 10

Binder 1st Binder 9

Binder 7 Binder 5

Binder 3 Binder 11

Binder 4 Binder 12

Binder 13 Binder 8

Notebook ancient 1st Notebook Ancient 14

Notebook ancient 7 Notebook Ancient 1

Notebook ancient 12 Notebook ancient 13

NOtebook ancient 4 Notebook ancient 16

Notebook ancient 10 Notebook ancient 9

Notebook ancient 11 Notebook ancient 8

Notebook ancient 3 Notebook ancient 5

Notebook ancient 15 Notebook ancient 6

Book Covers for $35 or Less!

35 Dollar Covers

We’re cleaning out the OLD shop, and as such, all covers found at  are going on sale for $35 or less! Many are $25, $29, or $30, and some are as low as $19 or $20.

This will be an ongoing sale, but covers are likely to go fast at this unbeatable price, so get yours while you can!

New Book Covers and SALE!

Today's Covers 3

Here are the latest premade covers! Once again, these are going in the SelfPub shop:

Also, all the covers in the OLD shop are going on sale for $35 or less! Bear with me as I try to get them all listed with the sale price – it’s a process, but I’m plugging away at it! I hope to have them all updated over the course of next few days.

Happy shopping!

New Covers

I know I’ve seemed a little MIA recently, but I promise it’s not for lack of cranking out book covers as feverishly as ever! I used up all my free image space on this blog, so I can only post new covers if I delete old ones. And since I created the actual website for The Book Cover Machine (, that’s where all the action is. A smarter person would have merged this blog with the new site upon creating it, or simply upgraded this blog to a website, but alas…as fate would have it, that’s not quite how I handled things, and here we are.

But for your viewing pleasure, here are a couple of the new covers! For exposure’s sake I post covers to two different shops these days – my own website ( and a gallery on ( because they’re a new-fangled premade book cover site that’s fast on their way to world domination due to the amount of designers they have contributing covers.

SelfPub Dormantwing_74 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_78 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_66 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_68 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_82 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_67 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_70 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_72 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_71 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_76 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_87 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_77 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_75 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_79 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_83 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_84 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_86 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_80 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_88 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_89 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_90 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_91 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_92 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_94 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_93 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_96 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_98 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_99 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_100 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_101 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_97 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_102 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_103 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_109 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_104 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_105 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_108 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_106 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_107 Lo