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New Covers

I know I’ve seemed a little MIA recently, but I promise it’s not for lack of cranking out book covers as feverishly as ever! I used up all my free image space on this blog, so I can only post new covers if I delete old ones. And since I created the actual website for The Book Cover Machine (www.thebookcovermachine.com), that’s where all the action is. A smarter person would have merged this blog with the new site upon creating it, or simply upgraded this blog to a website, but alas…as fate would have it, that’s not quite how I handled things, and here we are.

But for your viewing pleasure, here are a couple of the new covers! For exposure’s sake I post covers to two different shops these days – my own website (thebookcovermachine.com/shop) and a gallery on selfpubbookcovers.com (www.selfpubbookcovers.com/dormantwing) because they’re a new-fangled premade book cover site that’s fast on their way to world domination due to the amount of designers they have contributing covers.

SelfPub Dormantwing_74 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_78 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_66 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_68 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_82 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_67 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_70 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_72 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_71 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_76 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_87 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_77 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_75 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_79 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_83 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_84 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_86 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_80 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_88 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_89 Lowres SelfPub Dormantwing_90 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_91 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_92 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_94 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_93 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_96 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_98 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_99 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_100 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_101 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_97 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_102 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_103 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_109 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_104 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_105 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_108 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_106 Lo SelfPub Dormantwing_107 Lo

2 thoughts on “New Covers

  1. Posted on FB about your work. 

    I am so pleased with my book cover designer. Great artwork, designs, and reasonably priced. Laura Gordon is very easy to work with too.http://thebookcovermachine.com/ 

    On my Heather Rivera author page. hope it drives more business your way. Heather S. Friedman Rivera R.N., J.D., Ph.D. PLR Institute Muse & Ink http://www.plrinstitute.org http://www.heatherrivera.com http://www.museandink.com

    Author of “Healing the Present from the Past”, “Quiet Water”, “Maiden Flight”, “Into Exaltia”, and “In Search of Emerald Bay”. “Ultreia” coming late 2015.

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