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All Covers Must Go – Biggest Clearance Event Ever!

Hi all – just wanted to let you guys in on the biggest sale The Book Cover Machine has ever held! I’m in the process of marking my website’s ENTIRE inventory of premade covers down to $25 each. All these covers are on my old hard drive collecting dust and must go. If they don’t sell at the discounted price within the next few weeks, they’ll be going in the trash bin so I don’t have to keep storing them on the off chance that someone will purchase one someday. I really need to prioritize and clear out space for other things! If you’ve had your eye on something, now is the time to get it before it’s gone for good  Not to mention, they’ll never be cheaper than this. Feel free to spread the word! www.thebookcovermachine.com/shop

Hint – if you see a cover that you want but it hasn’t been marked down yet, shoot me a note at bookcovermachine@gmail.com and I’ll mark it down for you!

One thought on “All Covers Must Go – Biggest Clearance Event Ever!

  1. Hi Laura. This is fantastic news that you have achieved so much through your art and want to move on to follow your heart and write. I have written to you via email a couple of weeks back (nothing important, mainly to catch up with you so that can be ignored).

    This note is to help clear your desk! You are holding a cover for me awaiting the books size to do the spine. I can now tell you “The Bastard Line” of the Khekarian series is 580 pages in length, so at long last that job can be completed.

    There is absolutely no rush on this as my own writing efforts have slowed considerably and the book will probably not be printed for another year or two.

    Congratulations again on all you have done and are doing. I wish you fantastic success in the future.

    All the best,

    Allyson (A.D. Everard)

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