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Most importantly:

  • Contact: bookcovermachine@gmail.com
  • Over 400 premade covers currently available! I have a huge variety of genres and styles. At present they aren’t set up to be browsed by genre, but I hope to have that feature soon.
  • My covers are unique.While I do use stock imagery to create many of my covers, I ALWAYS combine multiple images and/or add effects on top to make an end product that is unique.
  • My covers are exclusive. Once you purchase a cover from my premade gallery, or I create you a custom cover, it is yours and yours alone. It will be taken off the market and never sold again.
  • My covers are affordable. Prices vary (premades range from $20-$100, and custom packages range between $100-$200), but I pride myself in competitive rates. Many other designers charge between $100-$200 for premades and anywhere between $200-$700 for custom covers.
  • I do offer a collection of 100% Unique, Original Artwork premade covers, for those who want every pixel of their cover to be unique and exclusive. NO STOCK IMAGES used for these. Just original art by yours truly. Visit The Book Cover Machine’s shop (click here), and use the categories to the right to locate these 100% Originals, as well as all the other categories available!

Now, for a lengthier introduction:

Hi there! My name is Laura Gordon, and I am a professional book cover designer and artist. I make both pre-made and custom covers.

Making book covers is like eating chips, for me – I can’t eat/make just one. Once I sit down to make a design, I end up cranking out a few (if not a dozen) at a time. So be sure to check my gallery frequently for any book-cover needs. Chances are, I’ll have something similar to what you want. And if I don’t, but you like my work, feel free to check out my Custom Covers page for info on commissioning me for a custom job!

The premade book cover business is really starting to take off. This is both good and bad for all of you authors out there looking for an affordable, quality cover. It’s good because there are a lot of quality premades being produced, and you don’t have to break the bank to get a decent cover, or throw something haphazard together yourself. But it’s bad because a lot of designers shop at the same places for images, and so what’s happening is that designers are buying the same images, and many covers come out looking strikingly similar. This is inevitable to a point. Such is the nature of stock imagery. However, what’s troubling is how little designers are making an effort to lessen this effect. You can’t hold it against designers for ending up using some of the same imagery, but that doesn’t mean these images can’t be worked into a design in a new and unique way. That’s why it’s called book cover ‘design’. In my opinion, purchasing a model image and splashing on some text doesn’t count as designing a book cover, and it simply shouldn’t be done. No author wants to see something that might as well be his cover used on someone else’s book, and quite frankly this type of thing is going to give a bad name to premade designers in general, tainting business for the rest of us.

This is why I’m up front about my policies. I don’t want any confusion or disappointment, and I don’t want to be grouped in with the designers who don’t care about standards.

So, I think that about covers it! I hope you find something you like in my gallery. I try to keep a huge variety in stock. And there is no end to creativity, when it’s something that you have, so you can look forward to an endless supply of unique new covers!

Happy browsing!


35 thoughts on “About

  1. I would love to jump in now! My hesitation is that my husband created my covers, so there’s some toes I don’t want to step on.

    Is it possible for you to take an existing design and make it better??? (Silly question, I’m sure the answer is a yes!). I like the picture I have, but it’s basically a small picture between two very thick black bands, top and bottom. That’s where we’ve put the title and my name. It look dramatic enough, but there’s more black band than picture and I’d really rather more picture!

    I’ve got a whole series underway and I want covers that match and look good. I’m also open to suggestions. How do you come up with a design that will work for the book without reading the book?

    I can post a link if you wish to have a look (I don’t want to put one up without your okay).

    Meanwhile, I’ll natter to him and show him your art – we had it in our minds that professional covers would cost the moon. This might take a little while. 🙂

    My work is sci-fi but some think of it as fantasy. It also has touches of the occult.


    • It’s definitely possible to simply spruce up something that you already have 🙂 I had a look at the covers that you have posted on your blog, and I agree – I like the imagery itself (especially for the 2nd book)!

      Before I get carried away yammering on here, why don’t you shoot me an email (LauraGordonDesign@yahoo.com), and we can hold further discussion there!

  2. Oh, and forgot to mention – I think your art is very inspiring! 🙂 Makes me want to get out the romance pen name and have a crack at one of the romancy-type ones. 🙂

  3. Your book covers are absolutely exquisite! I can’t get over how beautiful they are! I had a question though: if I were to purchase a pre-made cover, would that cover still be available for sale to other authors, or would it be exclusive to my book?

  4. I have every intention of having some custom covers made by you – you’re an incredible talent and I only can wish that I was able to make covers like you do! I’ve enquired with you, and I recently sent you another email so I’ll hear from you soon. 🙂
    – M.S. Watson, author of Glass Bones.

  5. Hi Laura! I was recommended to come to you from a friend of mine who is also a writer. I’m hoping to get my 1st book published soon but i am no good on the artistic side of things. I must say i am very impressed! Still unsure about what i want exactly at the moment but when i do i’ll be in touch

  6. I love your work! You are so talented! I am hopefully going to self publish this year. Do you by any chance do custom covers for newbies?

    • Hello, and thanks for inquiring! Yes they can 🙂 If you need an entire ‘wrap’ cover (front, back, and spine), that’s something I do for $40, and is taken care of separately from ordering the front cover.

      Let me know of any other questions!

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