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Click the above link to be taken to The Book Cover Machine’s new and improved shop. I am still in the process of transferring products, but some of the new shop features include:

  • An actual, functioning storefront, where you can view product details and check out straight from The Book Cover Machine.
  • Search products by category, so there will be no more slogging through hundreds of covers, browsing at random for what you’re looking for!
  • Search products by keyword, in case you want to get straight to exactly what you’re looking for, and not bother even slogging through more general categories.
  • Choose between color variations, in case you like a cover but want it in blue, or red, or green, or purple! Cool, right?

Hop on over to the new site to check out all the new features for yourself! That will be the main place to browse and purchase my premades now. But for the sake of this blog, I probably will feature a few products here each week, or month, which you can click on to be taken to their corresponding product page on the new site!

This week’s featured premades:

Premade exclusive book cover 737     Premade Exclusive Book Cover 733     Premade exclusive book cover 736


8 thoughts on “Premade Covers

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  2. I’ve seen three that I want to buy right now! Amazing! But my work isn’t ready for a cover, so I’ve no idea what size format to request. It’s purchase one if just for myself to oggle over. Great work. 🙂

  3. Hi! I have a scifi series (to be 6 books soon) and while I have covers now, I’m strongly considering changing them to something very different (and more conventional scifi-ish). I would like the MC on each cover – is that possible in a custom project? You can see my current covers if you’d like on my website. Thank you!

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