Fastest Draw in the West?

I hear from most of my clients who have had other designers in the past that one of the big reasons they have switched over to me is that they weren’t happy with their previous designer’s turn-around time. Apparently, most designers take awhile. What’s ‘awhile’, you ask?

Evidently, a number of months.

I knew that I provided faster service than many, but I must admit hearing that a pretty typical turn-around time is MONTHS is a little shocking. And I don’t just mean clients get put on the wait-list in the beginning and have to wait their turn. I’m sure that happens too, but I hear a lot from my clients that they were stuck in the middle of a project, and couldn’t get their designer to deliver the final touches, or a certain format, or that he/she was supposedly just working on the cover itself for that long.

And I give myself grief over taking a weekend. Ha! Maybe now, knowing this, I can stop feeling guilty about my weekends 🙂